Be innovative with your marketing! Luxury real estate marketing professionals should look outside the world of real estate for inspiration. Here is an example of three co-marketers who partnered in a very innovative way: The Sundance Channel, Grey Goose Vodka and Conde Nast Magazines. Together they created an outstanding TV show called Iconoclasts which reflects the brand values that all three companies share in common.

Sundance is the producer of Iconoclasts, which was initially a six episode documentary series, featuring the visionaries in the world of celebrity. According to their website, the Sundance Channel “ is the television destination for independent-minded viewers seeking something different. Bold, uncompromising and irreverent, Sundance Channel offers audiences a diverse and engaging selection of films, documentaries, and original programs, all unedited and commercial free” The shows reflect the overall Sundance mission of “encouraging artistic freedom of expression.” The first episode of the new season will feature Desmond Tutu and Richard Bramson paired up to profile each other.

With Iconoclasts, Grey Goose Entertainment, a division of Grey Goose Vodka, came up with an innovative way to market themselves to their loyal clientele and also gain new customers. Here is how Monsell Darville, VP-group director of Grey Goose Entertainment explains it. “We were approached by Sundance Channel and Conde Nast Media Group to become a co-production partner on Iconoclasts. At that time we were looking to step away from the traditional and into the innovative. We also felt the need to give back to a great many individuals who support us so resolutely. We realized that not only by participating in this project, but also similar future projects, we could do both.”

Conde Nast Media is a division of Conde Nast Magazines. Condé Nast Media Group is the corporate sales and marketing arm of the company. Condé Nast is known for their marketing strategy which is focused on magazines catering to a particular interest, such as Vogue for fashion, Architectural Digest for home, and Gourmet for food enthusiast. This category is also known as lifestyle magazines. They publicized the Iconoclasts series in all their magazines.

All three brands were aligned in their brand message and their brand values. Those core values include independent thinking and a luxury lifestyle. This degree of alignment was the recipe for a critically acclaimed TV series. How can you co-market with compatible, non-competitive brands in your marketplace?

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