Like Christopher Columbus whose day we celebrate today across America, luxury real estate marketing experts take on an adventure each time they position a magnificent home to sell in their marketplace. Luxury homes are as unique as the owners who occupy them. It is important to determine what segment of the luxury market would appreciate this home, both in your marketplace and internationally. The sizzle to sell here is the adventure that can be had by living in this location, because the sense of adventure and discovery is an important lure with deep psychological implications for the buyer.

Luxury homes situated in a second home market should be marketed to reflect the adventurous aspects and specific advantages of their surroundings. Learn from the m arketers of luxury condo hotels in your area who appeal to an international clientele. Apply their marketing strategies. They understand the emotional reasons why buyers are attracted to your area. They have spent quite a bit on market research. Besides the sumptuous accommodations and setting, they sell the dream and the experience of the locale. They are engaging the customer’s sense of the story they will tell when they come home from their vacation. Their marketing story includes off-the-beaten-track experiences, best restaurants, secret adventures, romantic rendez- vous and art exhibits. A pied-a-terre in New York and a ski in/ski out home in Aspen appeal to the adventure of discovering new worlds.

How will you position your next listing as the adventure to own? By the way, Columbus’s legacy as the discoverer of the new world is not accurate according to historians. What is accurate is that he was the person who brought attention to America. As historian Martin Dugard, explains, “Columbus’ claim to fame isn’t that he got there first; it’s that he stayed.”

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