In marketing yourself as a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is important to clearly state your promise of value which would differentiate you from the pack.  In a recent post, we discussed testing the pain point threshold in marketing.  Here is an example from the airline industry, which was shaken up when Emirates came on the scene. The company smartly addressed all the pain points of airline travel with great service, food, and even nannies for children in all classes. 

This ad (pictured above) caught our attention., In one fell swoop the company explained its promise of value, plane pain relief.  Their slogan is “Experience a new level of comfort”.  Many of us who fly for business or vacation consider the plane experience the opposite of pleasurable or comfortable.  

We have friends who have flown Emirates in coach, business and first. They have raved about the services in each class, and the ease of booking. Our finicky friends even liked the food and wine, as well as the ease of traveling with Emirates.  So far, we have not flown to the destinations serviced by Emirates. 

I (A) spend a lot of time booking flights for our various trips.  I read various travel related columns and also stay current on the fine details of how to use the points we have accumulated over the years of traveling in order to upgrade us to business or first class for added leg room and comfort especially on cross country flights or overseas.   

Regardless of which class we fly, we bring our own snacks, load up our iPads with books to pass the time, and do our best to sleep through most of the flight.   When we land, we cannot wait to get off the plane. Once in a while, we do have a great experience, and we definitely take time to praise in the reviews when asked.  

Watch for the pain points you may encounter in working with sellers/buyers.  Look for ways to minimize them or eradicate them from the experience of buying or selling real estate.  Give them a license to chill!