In marketing speak, eliminating “pain points” is an ideal strategy for getting more referrals and maintaining a healthy stream of business for your real estate marketing practice. That is, minimizing or eliminating any “pain point” that your seller or buyer may encounter in working with you.  

Pain points are those problems that aggravate a relationship and spark a downward spiral of discontent. If not handled immediately these pain points can cause even your most loyal clients to eventually decide not to work with you ever again.

Although human personalities vary, there are common pain points that are universal to all of us.  Successfully addressing these 7 questions below will reveal your strengths and weakness in dealing with universal pain points that can turn off a potential buyer or seller in no time at all.

  • Do your clients (and other agents) feel special when they work with you?

  • Do you respond quickly to take care of issues that arise?

  • Do you reassure them when a problem presents itself?

  • Do you take the time to really listen?

  • Do you have impeccable manners; are you polite?  ,

If you work with foreigners, are you sensitive to their cultural values? 

Do you check and double check any information you give to make sure it is accurate?

Here is an example. Yesterday afternoon, Ron visited a store to look for casual pants.  The salesperson was not that thrilled to see him, even though his department was empty. He was busy on his cell phone. Ron did not feel like he cared.  

The salesperson handed him a couple of styles to try on and let him know that Keanu Reeves (the actor) had just bought a pair of the very pants Ron was trying on.  Then he left to chat with his colleague on the other side of the store. Ron commented that he must have entered the Matrix.

When Ron needed another size, I was the one to find it. (lack of responsiveness, not listening). Ten minutes later, the salesperson was told it was lunch time.  He did not bother telling his replacement that he was leaving, nor Ron (impolite). His replacement could also have cared less. Bottom line, Ron will never walk into that store again.

Keep refining your solutions to these pain point problems.  It will keep your clients happily referring you which will maintain a healthy stream of business for you.