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If you are bound and determined to be the go to luxury real estate marketing agent or company or any other segment of the real estate markets, you must find a way to stand out or suffer the consequence of blending into the great bland of business.  One of the best ways to do this is to find the underserved market niche.  Here is an example:

This morning, we spotted this new store in Beverly Hills (pictured above), What Goes Around Comes Around.  The principals, Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione began collecting vintage luxury in the early 90’s.  They had noticed that existing vintage stores had lost their luster when it came to merchandising and collecting vintage clothing and accessories. 

In 1996, they opened their first vintage luxury store in New York, followed by the second in the Hamptons, and the third in Los Angeles. In order to  better serve their clientele  they  relocated the Los Angeles store to Beverly Hills.  


In an interview we read, it was obvious that they understood the psychographics of those who shopped in each store and stocked it with the right merchandise. Here is what they said to Amuse Magazine, “Our NYC clientele is chic and trend-driven,” Gerard says. “The Hamptonites are into more classic pieces and prints, and our LA clientele is primarily high-profile, so they like pieces that are extremely rare and unique.”

Have you spotted an underserved market niche?