Using mystery and whimsy as part of a brand identity and image in luxury real estate, any other real estate niche or for any other business is bold and daring. It may leave some shaking their heads and walking away from it, others intrigued and wanting to know more.   One thing for sure, it is memorable and not easily forgotten.  It will attract those who identify with it.

We salute it as a departure from the steady hum of bland that has plagued and  characterized so many brands.  They can be described as: "careful not to offend or differ" brand images and identities.  Gucci,  the most valuable Italian fashion brand, has embraced "mystery" as part of its expanded new image. (Pictured above at Gucci's window in Beverly Hills).

Ever since Alessandro Michele, was appointed creative director of Gucci in January 2015, the Gucci store windows have been a sight to stop, look and contemplate. He has reconfigured the look and feel of the Gucci Collections and global brand image. The print ads are equally creative and mind boggling. Below is part of the cover fold in the Spring issue of Porter Magazine.

IMG_0727 2.jpg

Vogue Magazine described him perfectly,

"Gucci's new creative director, the unknown Alessandro Michele, is a lot like the woman he champions: daring, curiously compelling—and with a streak of mystery and eccentricity."

We have noticed that some of the other luxury brands have been influenced to go beyond their ordinary safe limits.  Is it time for real estate to embrace a touch of mystery, whimsy or daring?  It is one way to stand out!