If you have followed our blogs, you probably are aware that besides creating brands and brand strategy for our real estate clients, we study brands day in and day out.  One of the best areas to examine brands is in the wine industry.  Competition in the global wine industry is even fiercer than in real estate. Whether selecting an agent or a bottle of wine without a direct referral, you have very little time to make a great impression and stand out from the crowd.

One way to make a great impression besides having a brand that stands out is to also have a great brand story or be  charmed into buying.  The close-up of the label pictured below is of wine made with native "cruvino" grapes. The red fox on the label also a native lives in the hills.  The fox is waiting for a berry or two to fall. Because of their low yield and tendency to drop the fruit when ripe, vine growers in the Ligurian area of Italy have uprooted the grapes.    


In the hills of a tiny village of Varigotti on the Mediterranean are terraces of cruvino that date back to the Etruscan times.  The Ruffino family has been making cruvino wine for over 500 years.  When asked if the family follows "organic methods?" here is their reply: "We're not organic.We just do everything the same way as our ancestors have for hundred of years".

Here are wine expert, Anthony Lynch, remarks:

"medium-bodied red. With notes of fresh berries, pepper, and a sweet spiciness, it will wonderfully complement homemade pasta dishes and roasted poultry and meats."
We were charmed into buying this wine.  We had ours with   pasta.  We made a sauce with tomatoes, spinach and shitake mushrooms.  It was perfect. This was a delightful addition to our wine knowledge, and we will keep it on our list of favorites.

Do you have a brand story that will charm someone to work with you?