A few weeks ago, we spotted a “new” to us 85% dark chocolate.  The brand’s name is MilkBoy.  The brand and logo did not particularly resonate with us, however what made us buy a bar was the Swiss lineage.  We know how proud and precise the Swiss are when it comes to the art of making chocolate.  We were not disappointed, and would highly recommend this chocolate to any chocolate lover.

We researched the story behind the brand.  The unique value proposition for this brand is that they use milk that comes from the Swiss Alpine meadows.  There is a story here that is part of the brand, with which we were not familiar.

Every spring, the dairy farmers who live in the Swiss Alpine foothills leave their villages and move to the mountains. Prior to their journey, there is a celebratory send-off. Here is an excerpt from the wrapper and the website.

“The young boys and girls wear local costume and accompany the procession as it leaves the village. Some of the boys carry carved milk pails, like the boy of the MilkBoy logo. Once on the Alps, the cows eat their fill of juicy green grass until the onset of autumn, when the farmers descend to their villages.”

Their return is also a cause for celebration.  This story is charming and enchanting and further sold us on the brand.  Click on the website link to hear Swiss cowbells as the cows begin their journey to their spring and summer home.

What Is Your Brand Story?