Identifying and then dominating an uncontested or under served market niche requires laser sharp focus.  That means systematically minding your own business and eradicating anything from your consciousness that can distract you from your task at hand. 

Minding your own business is a tall order for most luxury real estate marketing professionals.  But, that is the good news, because gaining and sustaining market leadership is not for the faint of heart.  And, that significantly reduces the number of players in your competitive landscape.

Recently, we have noticed quite a bit of chatter online from agents about the “evils” of Zillow,  and others like them, who are syphoning off business.  We even heard rumors that Amazon may get into the real estate fray. 

For those of you who are bent on gaining or sustaining market leadership in your chosen niche, these topics along with the new commission discounters should come under the heading of “big distractions”. Let your competition get distracted while you stay on course. 

Just mind your own business!