On a recent Alaska Airlines flight, we were very impressed with how the company demonstrated what their brand stands for.  Sometimes in branding, action speaks louder than words! But, the right words can also be very impactful.

The first was the smooth handling of boarding by the desk.  After they served us beverages, they came around to pick up the glasses and the complimentary little box of snacks.  We noticed that each box was flattened and carefully piled separately.  Then, each item was placed in its appropriate recycling bag. 

We complimented the flight attendant, and she told us that was one the reasons she loved working at Alaska.  As we approached our destination, they announced that if the baggage had not arrived at the carousel within 20 minutes, they would give you a discount on your next flight, or additional mileage points.

Just before landing, the lead flight attendant’s last words impressed us even further. He thanked the passengers for flying Alaska because, we were the ones giving him a job, and he loved his job.

In summation, Alaska Airlines stands for passenger care demonstrated by:  smooth boarding, caring for the environment, smooth retrieval of luggage with minimal wait time, as well as verbalized appreciation of the passengers.

Oh, and one more thing… They were ahead of schedule on each leg of our trip!