Packaging is a “mighty” important component of personal and company luxury real estate branding.  If your packaging is spot on you can leverage the sense of touch as an additional experiential means of making an indelible first impression. Great packaging can give you a competitive edge by helping to gain instant brand recognition and also by rapidly securing brand retention (being unforgettable).

Recently, we visited our local supermarket in search of Organic African Nectar tea that we enjoyed several months ago.  We stood in front of all of the teas on display and could not find it. And, we could not remember the brand name.

Finally, after looking closer we discovered that Mighty Leaf created completely new packages for their teas. Sure enough we found what we were looking for, but only out of sheer determination.

Like coffee, tea is one of the most commoditized products on the world market. That is why brand recognition and brand retention is vitally important.  We almost gave up and switched to another brand and a different type of tea.

What is so great about Mighty Leaf’s new offering is their clear plastic packets for the tea bags themselves.  They open absolutely EFFORTLESSLY!  No ripping or tearing the paper off.  That visceral experience is a branding moment that makes the competition seem old fashion.

The teabags are extraordinary as well.  They are pyramid shaped pouches, which allows the hot water to penetrate from more angles. That allows for better steeping and a richer flavor. They are biodegradable, commercially compostable and no staples or glue is used. The carton is also recyclable.

Mighty Leaf does an excellent job with their messaging. They emphasize that the organically grown herbal blend has a “honeyed sweetness” of rooibos infusion (a bush in S. Africa). They use Fair Trade Certified rooibos, a touch of vanilla and a handful of hibiscus to “heighten the experience”. Nectar means, “drink of the gods”

These words engage the mind and the emotions making this Mighty Leaf tea a “must taste”.  But, it is the very first experience of their packaging that “seals the deal” to be loyal Mighty Leaf fan.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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