As a luxury real estate marketing professional, once you identify an opportunity to dominate an uncontested or underserved niche your primary job is giving your undivided attention to that niche. You will win more listings than your closest competitors because you are harnessing the Power of Concentration, and they are not. If you price those listing correctly you will out-produce them all.

Focus and concentration of action are the key ingredients for the “secret sauce” that everyone is looking for but few actually implement. One of our clients in Northern California became the market leader and earned over $1M in gross commissions per year by applying this important principle.

Our client only listed homes that had been owned by only one owner. Thus, they were relatively new homes. This significantly reduced the frequency of thorny inspection issues and virtually eliminated title issues. 

With her stellar reputation as the niche market leader she was in the position to refuse taking listings that she could not price at market value. Time on market was thus kept to a minimum because she did not waste time with unrealistic sellers ratcheting down the price. She put systems in place to handle a high volume, high-trust practice while maintaining excellent customer service.

All of these factors reduced the stress of the transactions, which allowed her to concentrate on getting more listings. That is a balancing act that can only be accomplished with total concentration, the same kind of relaxed concentration that a potter must have when throwing a pot. 

P.S.  She was a single mom!

Embrace the Power of Relaxed Concentration!  You will win more listings if you do.