The value of a great brand in luxury real estate or any other real estate market is that it makes it easy for others to refer you and your business.  If there is a slogan that accompanies the brand, the slogan should further clarify for others the reason to patronize your business.  

We spotted Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille Sign (pictured above) in the Park Meadows shopping center near Denver, Colorado.  We felt that their slogan, “rare & well done,” described their promise of value. We also liked the double meaning in those four words.

Even though we rarely eat meat, we walked in to check out the menu. We found a fish dish as well as other seafood items.  This led us to make a reservation.  We loved the main course and side dishes we ordered, the ambiance, the wine list, and the dessert.  The service was just right. 

We also shared our experience the next day with all our family members at our Thanksgiving feast.  They live close-by and had not tried the restaurant.  Based on our experience, they are planning to dine there..

Does your brand make it easy for others to refer you?