If you want to stand out from the crowd of real estate agents, it is important that you really put some thought into the presentation of your marketing materials.  Your marketing materials, which include your web site, are a clear indication of real estate marketing savvy.

Packaging is one of those delightful attributes of a great brand.  When it is well done, it adds to the credibility of a brand. It becomes memorable and something one looks forward to seeing.  


Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing he latest packaging that Veuve-Cliquot, a well- known Champagne house, established in 1761 and based in Reims, France, came up with this year. Once again, we were wowed by the brilliance of their memorable packaging. 

We have always appreciated Veuve-Cliquot’s brilliant packaging, for many years.  This year is no exception, and no doubt another award winner. The theme is travel destinations: From Reims (home of Veuve Cliquot) to Tokyo, Milan, Miami, Paris, Moscow, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Las Vegas. 

The metal-like gift box is designed as an arrow.  On the box is the distance in Kilometers (9,283) from Reims to Rio de Janeiro.  The top of the arrow slides, and you can insert a bottle of Veuve-Cliquot into it.  It is something the recipient of this gift will keep long after the Champagne has been savored.

Ask yourself, are your marketing materials simply splendid, memorable, and reflect your marketing savvy?