On February 27, 2014, we wrote a post called Luxury Real Estate Marketing Tips:  Spaghetti Marketing: Marketing Your Strengths.  We discussed the woes of the then Italian economy  (2 trillion Euros in debt). 

At that time the idea of developing a food theme park in Bologna was born, known as Eataly.  The entrepreneurs took over 80,00 square feet of warehouse space and 20 acres of land in Bologna.  This project included using the land to grow food.  It made its debut in November of 2015.   It became a resounding success and subsequently the owners opened stores in New York, and Chicago.


In November of 2017, the Los Angeles store in Century City conveniently situated between Beverly Hills and the Westside of Los Angeles has opened its doors.  Spaghetti marketing had made its mark in California, after opening in 2 locations in New York and in Chicago.


As we mentioned in our post yesterday, we bought fresh egg and spinach pasta as well as Proscuitto di San Daniele, considered to be the best in class. We made the classic Italian Dish, paille e fieno (straw=egg tagliatelle and hay=spinach tagliatelle), (pictured above).

The pasta is tossed with a cream sauce flavored with fresh shallots and garlic to which freshly grated Parmesan is added. When the pasta is ready, you add the prosciutto and fresh peas and toss and serve.

According to friends, the place has been mobbed since the day it opened.  We were fortunate to be there in the morning, and we had the whole store to ourselves to explore. And everything we bought was great.  Spaghetti Marketing,  or Marketing Your Strengths really works.