Are you certain about your brand identity? Can you succinctly communicate this message as a clear brand signal to your target market so they can instantly grasp how you are distinct from your competition?  In the context of gaining and sustaining market leadership in luxury real estate or any other real estate market segment this is of paramount importance. If you do not have a clear and consistent brand signal your market share will began to erode.

How else can you expect others to spread the good word about you, if you do not give them a clear and concise message about who you are and how you are different?  

The lead photo was taken in front of one of our upscale markets.  It is a perfect example of brand identity crisis.  This regional market chain is known for their beautiful displays and customer service. Someone in the hierarchy was unconscious and opted to re-use watermelon boxes in the wrong season. This type of detail can be instrumental in eroding the brand signal.


In contrast this photo of pumpkins at Trader Joe's emphasizes their brand clearly and distinctly. They were willing to spend on fun boxes (fun is part of their brand signal) to display their pumpkins.  

Are You Certain About Your Brand Identity?