Many agents are getting lazy about meeting new people face-to-face. They spend too much time in front of their computers on social media hoping to generate business or referrals. This represents an excellent opportunity for YOU to stand out from the crowd, if you are willing to venture forth into your community.

We always encourage our real estate clients to focus on meeting as many people as possible and doing so face-to-face. This should become an integral part of your brand strategy as well.  You may find that this strategy works better than Social Media and is a lot more fun! Inevitably the question that follows is WHERE do I meet these people?

We say, “FOLLOW YOUR INTERESTS!” There are many opportunities to get involved in the community. Find those that speak to who you are; follow your passions.

Do not participate with the hidden agenda of just drumming up real estate business.  Participate because you enjoy it. Business will come naturally, because people like to do business with other like-mined people.

An agent in San Francisco is a fan of the opera.  San Francisco happens to have a great opera house with very passionate patrons and fans.  This agent became a volunteer in the organization. Her strong support and enthusiasm led to direct business and many referrals.

In communities where the great outdoor lifestyle is key, some of our clients get involved in cycling events and races.  One of them has his real estate company sponsor him.  Another is a top-notch tennis player and has joined the tennis club in the community in which he works. 

Another client is a ski instructor.  She takes her clients on ski tours of the mountains that surround her community. Since her niche is ski-in/ski-out condos, this strategy works quite well, especially when showing this type of property.

Take a moment and write down your interests. Find out what is happening in your community that matches your passions!  Meet more people face-to-face and you will enjoy Social Media itself even more. 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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