People see and interpret things differently. Your ability to shift your point of view and see things their way may just be one of the most important skills to develop when dealing with affluent clients in real estate or any service business.

One of our most memorable travel experiences and life lessons occurred while visiting the Vasarely Museum in Aix-en-Provence, southern France. Victor Vasarely was known as the “grandfather of op art”, the art movement that incorporates optical illusions in abstract compositions. 

Vasarely’s works included huge carpets that were hung on walls, sculptures and many two-dimensional pieces that give the viewer a sense of movement, camouflaged images, vibrating patterns, or of three-dimensional warping or swelling.

Vasarely’s compositions often shift perspective completely as you gaze upon them. One moment they are concave and then convex the next moment.  When we left the museum we literally had to sit down and get acclimated again to our normal surroundings.

The take-away that left an indelible impression for us was the idea that we actually craft our own realities in our minds as we view the objects “out there”. The same set of “facts” can take on completely different meanings given the context or worldview that each of us holds.

That is why it is essential that we have agreed upon ground rules to facilitate our interactions with each other. Yet, it is so important that we also understand that people see and interpret things differently.

In tennis for example, with multiple cameras triangulate impressions digitally, a ball is objectively either on the line or out (within a minute agreed upon margin for error). All umpires, players and fans agree upon this objective rule, which eliminates subjective disputes.

Apart from these rules, we need to champion diversity and creativity in perception.  That is the source of innovation and of invention. Practice shifting your point of view and appreciating other’s perspectives more often. You will find that you will attract more affluent clients when you do

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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