LeBron Or LeBrand?

In Part 1 of this article series we stated that people love to follow and “join” the brand with the best brand story. This is the biggest marketing secret of our time. 

Your luxury real estate brand story must be told authentically or it can backfire on you. Most people can see right through the hype.

LeBron James is arguably one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the sport.  But, when he chose, as a free agent, to play for the Miami Heat instead of the Cleveland Cavaliers, he turned off many fans with the TV show, “The Decision”.

LeBron was definitely heading in the right direction to maximize his personal brand so he could capitalize on it beyond his basketball-playing career. Certainly, Michael Jordan has succeeded in doing this. But, due to the way in which the decision itself was handled and told, he made several public relations mistakes.

Then, with savvy marketing advice and brand management, the torrents of negative press gradually reversed as he won championships and then returned to Cleveland with zero hype about the new decision. LeBron was “forgiven” as he genuinely lifted the spirits of his disappointed fans. Few people know that he also substantially lifted the local economy when he returned, which more than made up for his missteps in handling the original decision.

With TV commercials and the recent lifetime sponsorship deal with Nike (valued at $1Billion), LeBron has become a bona fide one-man-brand. We now call him “LeBrand” because he and his advisors have successfully taken control of the messaging of his brand story: The combination of his contributions to Cleveland’s local economy, his inspiration to young athletes and the joy he continues to give to millions of basketball fans.  Now, there is no question of his value.

You have one shot at telling your target market about your new brand story to achieve maximum impact without adverse repercussions. It pays to work with professionals to nail your authentic messaging the first time. That is what we do for our clients as brand strategists for the luxury real estate industry.


Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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