As the economy goes through its machinations and new generations become affluent consumers attitudes about luxury change.  That is why, every so often, on the Language of Luxury, we take a fresh look at the meaning of luxury. 

At Starbucks, you can buy a cup of coffee for $2.00 (smallest size). Or you can (at some locations) request that they use their The Clover® Brewing System made with their “reserve”, beans (e.g., Ethiopian) for $4.00 for the same size cup. 

The Clover® Brewing System prepares a single cup of coffee, made-to-order, that is unlike anything you have ever tasted. We were extremely impressed by the wonderful aroma and flavorful nuances of the coffee that we tried with this method. If you are a coffee connoisseur this is a must experience!


To understand luxury in 2016, we pose this question:  Why would someone pay double or even triple the price for the same amount of coffee? The same size cup at McDonalds costs $1.39?  Factor out whether or not you can afford the most expensive cup of coffee and the answer becomes clearer.

For 81 cents more you can enjoy the atmosphere in Starbucks that you cannot find at a McDonalds fast food restaurant. For some that atmosphere is a luxury. Aesthetics and an upscale environment can be the deciding factor.

For those willing to indulge themselves in an elevated olfactory and gustatory experience, at double the price, this delectable Clover coffee sensation is well worth it.  Once you have had this experience it may be hard to go back to coffee brewed using other methods.

Affordability often clouds one’s assessment of the essence of luxury. Starbucks has built an empire on the concept of “small indulgences” because luxury is relevant and not entirely out of reach for many consumers.

Luxury can be a rarified atmosphere or an indulgence of the senses both of which can had for a premium.  But, you can also take a quiet walk in nature right after it rains. Listen to the sounds of a babbling brook, smell the fresh clean air and taste the wild strawberries.  That luxury is free!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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