The first encounter with your luxury real estate brand, whether it is an ad, a postcard or your website, is your first opportunity to build your credibility. New clients and potential referral sources are on the lookout for credibility markers.  These are indicators that your brand is a match to their values and their needs.  Credibility markers, when tallied, determine whether or not, you will win them over as raving fans.

Yesterday, we had an appointment in Westlake, which is an hour away from our home.  The day before, we researched and found a restaurant in close proximity to our meeting called Lemonade.  The location itself was the first credibility marker for us, because it is situated in a lovely outdoor shopping center, owned by a developer we respect for his aesthetic and his tenant selection.

The color scheme of Lemonade’s website is beautiful and its mouth-watering pictures of the food on the menu is tantalizing.  The website also clearly articulates the brand’s EVP (extraordinary promise of value): a modern marketplace serving a colorful bounty of seasonal California comfort food in a bright cafeteria setting.” These were additional credibility markers, because they resonated with our values and met our needs.

When we walked into the restaurant, we were immediately impressed.  The place reflected the website’s presentation of the brand accurately.  The food looked as good as the pictures on the site, and was delicious.  The staff encouraged us to taste their offerings prior to ordering.  They even asked us if we had any food allergies, which was yet another credibility marker.

Obviously, Lemonade acquired us as raving fans.  When we tallied up all of their credibility markers they won us over.  We naturally wanted to endorse their brand, because it was a match to our values and needs. 

Do Your Credibility Markers Help You To Acquire Raving Fans?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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