Soft Skills” is the new buzz word in corporate speak formerly known as “Emotional Intelligence Quotient’. Luxury real estate marketing professionals who are aiming for market leadership should take heed of honing their soft skills.

Someone with great soft skills is mindful: attentive, considerate, aware, and observant, compassionate: empathetic, understanding, sensitive, and objective: impartial, unbiased, open-minded, fair-minded.  For self-preservation, it is knowing when to letting a client or staff go, as the photo above states.

Corporations who have focused on hiring and coaching management in honing these qualities have noticed an increase in profits as well as employee retention. Many human resource departments, as well as colleges and universities are testing potential new hires on their emotional IQ’s. Job skills still matter, but emotional intelligence matters more.

Selling real estate requires great soft skills.  Telltale signs of those who need to hone their soft skills, are people who become defensive when criticized, fly off the handle when feeling pressured, cannot handle setbacks without blame, have trouble controlling their temper, cannot admit to making a mistake and jump to judgment.  Of course, there is always returning phone calls, responding to emails, and showing up for appointments, which are the minimal soft skills.

Are You Honing Your Soft Skills?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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