Preconceived notions are the locks on the door to wisdom
— Mary Browne-Tennis Player

Preconceived Notions are opinions that are formed without adequate evidence.  Recently, we read someone’s reasons as to why luxury real estate as a niche is not viable.  This individual listed facts, which are true to some degree:

  • Luxury properties take longer to sell
  • You have to spend more marketing dollars
  • Rich people expect print ads which don’t work
  • It takes a long time to make money in luxury real estate.  

These opinions are based on preconceived notions and not based on thoroughly researching the facts on the subject.  Here are the facts based on our experience working with some of the top luxury agents and teams all over the world:

  • When a home is priced right, it sells as fast as any properly priced home.
  • Every home regardless of price deserves professional marketing
  • Print ads have varied results. However, the costs are proportionate to the commission earned, i.e. as a percentage of your overall marketing budget. Strategically crafted print ads can be an excellent opportunity to promote YOU.
  • Time spent learning the Language of Luxury is an investment that pays handsome dividends over time.

The trouble with preconceived notions is that they play a role in limiting one’s growth as an individual, and as a businessperson.  They are also an easy excuse or a shortcut to avoid independent thinking. People often assimilate other’s opinions and tout them as their own especially when those opinions are popular among a circle of friends.

Preconceived notions turn into limiting beliefs that prevent you from doing new things. Take the time to think independently and research the facts!  Keep the doors to wisdom unlocked! 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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