As a luxury real estate marketing professional, it is a good idea if you give closing gifts to choose one that would keep them talking about you.  We were fascinated by this specimen tree. The curly/corkscrew branches, and the yellow cones were beautiful along with the leaves that were beginning to sprout.

We spotted the owner of Woeste's nursery in Los Olivos, who told us it is "Contorted Filbert AKA Hazelnut"  This variety is a shrub.  The yellow cones are "catkins" on which the hazelnuts will grow. Its leaves are umbrella shaped and will cover the catkins during their growth.  It does well in Zone 3-9 according to some experts and 4-8 according to others.  

They love full sun and are fine with part shade.  Some of his clients plant them in their garden, and others place them in large pots.  We think they would add curb appeal to one's home as well as a source of hazelnuts for the home chef!

We think it would make a great closing gift, and something the new homeowner will talk about and remember you for.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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