Your choice between brands becomes clearer in buying decisions when you know exactly what each brand stands for. In marketing luxury real estate “Quality”, “integrity” and “exceeding expectations” are not brand positions that sharply differentiate.  If your competition is competent they embrace those values as well. In the realm of market leadership however, the best brand position is one that completely POLARIZES you and your competition as OPPOSITES, polar opposites like fire and ice.

Our local Trader Joe's in Santa Barbara has a sign (depicted above) that lets you know exactly what their private label products means. They are saying, “this is what is important to us; this is what we value” (as opposed to their competition).  And, they are saying in just two words what all this should means for you, “NO WORRIES!” 

Therefore, Trader Joe’s brand position is “Certainty About Product Attributes”.  By, default, this forces the competition into just the opposite brand position, “Uncertainty About Product Attributes” (where you never know for sure what is inside of the can, jar, bag or box). The buying choice becomes crystal clear.

Strategically, Trader Joe's has declared Certainty vs. Uncertainty as the battleground for achieving top-of-mind status as purveyors of healthy, pro-environmental products. In doing so they have taken control not only of how they want consumers to perceive their company, but also how they want consumers to perceive ALL other competitors. 

It galvanizes the common bond of shared values between the company and its loyal customers. It also facilitates word-of-mouth advertising among like-minded consumers, (i.e., referrals in real estate-speak).

This is what market leaders must do to dominate and prevail. It is the purpose of strategic brand positioning. And that, in a nutshell, is our expertise as the leading brand strategists in the luxury real estate arena.

What does your brand stand for?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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