One of the recommendations that some real estate advertising experts have made to luxury real estate marketing professionals is to buy online ads on social media sites to market homes. If you are thinking of using this mode of advertising, take a moment to read these statistics, because this report by Adobe and PageFair may change your mind

Ad blocking has increased by 41 percent worldwide

45 million online users in the United States have blocked ads in the second quarter of 2015, predominantly on social media, technology and gaming sites.  Ironically, these sites are frequented by those advertisers are trying to reach, the young tech savvy demographic.

This fall Apple will be releasing iOS 9.  Apple has told developers that in the name of privacy and user preference, it is adding ad-blocking capabilities in its upcoming release of their latest software.  “This is to let users decide what should load and not load, who can track them, what should be visible on pages, etc. The software will also allow them to install “blacklist” apps that can block certain links from ever activating.”

Ask yourself; will your target market block your ads on line?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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