Photo Courtesy of Apple

Photo Courtesy of Apple

What does your personal or company brand stand for?  Where do you stand in the minds of their target market in relationship to your competition? This is your brand position. In the commoditized world of luxury real estate marketing, your ability to clearly define and effectively communicate your brand position is the most powerful way accelerate the pace at which you grow your business.

The perfect example of exceptional brand positioning is Apple’s partnership with Hermès, which is considered the most exclusive of the major luxury fashion houses.  Creating a Hermès Apple watch positions Apple at the pinnacle of the market and sharply differentiates it from the entire field of wearable electronic devices.

Apple consistently reinforces its position as a luxury brand compared to the entire field of consumer electronics.  Staking their claim on the luxury position forces their competitors to either find an alternative brand position that resonates with another market segment or become a commodity. Once rendered a commodity the only way to compete is on price.

Taking command of how your personal or company brand is perceived in the minds of your target market is essence of brand positioning. As a luxury real estate marketing professional, if you do this right you can become the game changer in your marketplace.

What does Your Brand Stand For?

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Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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