As a luxury real estate marketing professional be sure to get comfortable in the company of high net worth consumers. If they intimidate you, get over it or consider getting out of this end of the business.  Otherwise, your attitude becomes the elephant in the room that cannot be missed.

High net worth individuals often get a bad rap by those who are intimidated, jealous or think that it is unjust for them to be so rich. If you have any of these concerns and you still want to be in the luxury real estate business, here are some thoughts to help you get more comfortable.

Disregard the media biased myths about the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the very small minority that flaunt their wealth.  Instead, think about Steve Jobs, who started Apple in his parent’s garage. Like over 65% of billionaires in the US who are self-made, Steve certainly did not start out being ultra rich. In the 90’s Apple fired Steve then brought him back to the company that was on the brink of bankruptcy. Steve then lead Apple back not only to solvency but also to being the highest valued company in the world worth over $700 billion (potentially the first $1 trillion dollar company).

Think about the incredible value you have personally received from Apple, thanks to Steve, even if you own other brands of smartphones or tablets. Your money was not extorted from you to pay for these devices.  You voluntarily traded your dollars for this value, dollars you earned in exchange for value you offered to others.  There is no crime or evil at the root of these exchanges of value among consenting parties.

Apple pays more corporate taxes ($6 billion per year based on a 35% tax rate!) than any other US firm. That is over $14 million a day! They sell 70% of their products overseas, in over 100 countries, where they pay taxes (at a rate lower than 35%) on profits to the governments of those countries. But, they also pay US tax on interest income from overseas after-tax profits that are invested. Additionally, Apple has a sterling reputation in terms of its contribution to education and the environment.

Yet, Apple was recently under scrutiny by a US Senate sub-committee that was investigating an apparent unfair advantage (over other US companies who do not operate overseas as extensively as Apple). These companies pay higher taxes proportionately because they operate mostly in the US. But, no one has stopped these other companies from generating more revenue overseas.

Watch out for feelings of intimidation, jealousy or injustice about the rich. Your attitude could handicap you in your luxury real estate marketing practice. Get over it; get comfortable!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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