f you are going to select a name (other than your own) for your luxury real estate marketing business, be sure to select a name that embodies your reason for existing in the marketplace.  As we were sitting at the Coffee Bean on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. at 6:30 AM sipping our cappuccinos, we noticed the sign, “line forms to the left” next to Eternal Water.

The name and the concept of lining up to the left for Eternal Water got us laughing.  Will this water make us eternal, or better yet, eternally young? Do we need to get in line to buy and Eternal moment? I picked up a bottle and was informed by the label that the water comes from underground springs and is naturally alkaline, and nothing is added to it. 

The name is irrelevant.  It is an attractive concept.  Eternal water has three sources: Mount Shasta in California and Southwest Oregon, the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, and the Allegany Mountains in New York.

By comparison, Evian water comes from the springs of Lake Geneva, in Evian-les-Bains.  Perrier is the name of the doctor, Louis Perrier, who discovered the springs in Vergèze, France.  These names make sense. Evian reflects origin, and Perrier is the name of the original owner. 

Think twice before using an attractive concept name for your company name like “eternal.”  It is confusing and does not explain your existence in the marketplace; you are better off using your own name.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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