Uché Pézard, Executive Director and Founder of Luxe Corp    

We recommend to all those involved in luxury real estate marketing that they stay current and fluent in all aspects of the luxury economy.  This includes luxury goods, hard luxury (jewelry) and luxury services.  The more you know about luxury, the easier it is for you to relate to high net worth clients.  Our motto is:  “Get Fluent.  Get Affluent!”

As media partners,  each summer we cover the Club eLuxe International Summit produced by Luxe Corp.  This year the title of the sold-out event was, Smart Luxury, Taking Luxury into the Smart Age.   It was attended by executives of some of the top luxury brands in the world.

In this one-day conference, discussions were centered around the latest methods of leveraging technology to market luxury goods and services.  Some of the topics that were discussed are 3D & 4D Technologies, Smart Objects, Optical Illusions, Augmented Reality and a breakthrough in Drone technology.

We are delighted to share this video with you featuring some of the highlights of Smart Luxury: Taking Luxury into the Smart Age.


Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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