Recently there has been a lot of attention on the subject of Artificial Intelligence with all kinds of scary scenarios where artificial intelligence takes over and runs the human race.  In the near future will a real estate robot show homes, negotiate deals and close transactions?  Or will humans still reign over machines?

Social media sites are realizing that humans rather that algorithms may be the answer to curate users’ news feeds for accuracy and relevance. Content that is accurate brings in advertising dollars.

Facebook has had its share of mishaps, where their algorithms highlighted a sad event in a user’s life.  This has been dubbed Algorithmic cruelty.  Recently Twitter’s Discover made a blunder with its computer generated trending hash tag topics, which insulted feminism

Google’s experiments with a computer program of artificial intelligence created a database of movie scripts to teach computers to mimic how you a human brain works. This is known as cognitive computing. 

A recent conversation between human and machine at Google was reported in the Wall Street Journal, as “testy”, where finally the machine seemingly exasperated by the human’s insistence on defining morality/ethics/integrity lashes out the human, by refusing to talk further.

Will Real Estate Agent Robot get testy with the client or commit Algorithmic cruelty? What do you think will happen?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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