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Writing a blog or a newsletter as a means of becoming well known and well thought of is a viable means of marketing yourself as luxury real estate professional.   However, if you are going to adopt this as a means of being visible on the Internet, you need to make sure that what you write about is of value to your audience, and they would be eager to read your posts on a regular basis.

The most important rule in marketing is to understand the psychographics of your audience.  Who are these people you want to reach?   What are they interested in? Are you focused on sellers?  Are you focused on buyers?  Are you focused on existing clients? What would make someone want to follow your blog?  Does it have to be real estate related, or does it have to be focused on localism posts?

Then ask yourself, what do you like to read about? What are you interested in?  What can you write about from your point of view and from your heart?  For instance, when writing a localism post do you just give the facts of an event, or do you add your perspective of it?  The most popular blogs are those with a point of view, which is what makes them interesting, readable and compelling.

If we were to write a post about the Hollywood Bowl schedule, we would include more than just a list of scheduled performances.  We would write about the foodies who create special meals to share with their friends in their box seats: the china, crystal, silver and candlesticks that are included in their picnic baskets.  We would write about the magical feeling of a live performance under the stars.  This is an example of perspective and a personal view.

Would You Read Your Own Blog Posts or Newsletter?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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