As a luxury real estate marketing professional, when writing your blog posts, it is important to understand the value of long tail keywords that can attract your psychographic niche. These keywords can bring potential buyers who are interested in your topic. From a traffic standpoint, they are valuable when writing descriptions of homes. However, don’t stretch the truth; use long tail keywords accurately.  If you don’t, your credibility will be undermined.

In selling real estate, the words “Tuscan, Tuscany” referring to the architecture style of a home is almost a guarantee to bring readers to a Tuscan Style home.  Most often, these so-called Tuscan homes do not have minimal resemblance to the Tuscan farmhouses, nor do they have a Tuscany setting.  Originally, Tuscan farmhouses were two or three stories tall. The family lived upstairs and the ground floor was used as the stable for the animals, and not as a grandiose space.  Savvy buyers or sellers instead of being interested will be turned off.

Yesterday, I was reading about a vineyard for sale in France on a luxury site that sells everything from cars to real estate.  It described the vineyard being located in the Tuscany of France.  Having been to both Tuscany and France several times, I feel that France has its own unique beauty and does not resemble Tuscany.

French wines are considered to be superior to Italian wines by wine experts.  Using the word “Tuscany” is solely for the purpose of attracting people to this estate, because all things Tuscan have keyword value.  In fact, this belittles both Tuscany and France.  They each have their place in the world of wine and do not need to be compared to each other.

Truth and accuracy will build your credibility and your readership; the truth does not need stretched into a long nose for a butterfly to perch on. 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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