If you opted to join a luxury real estate company rather than being a “solopreneur” you most likely were attracted to certain self-expression benefits that comprised that company’s value proposition. By analyzing your decision making process, why you chose one brand over another, you may learn something about “what makes you tick”.

What is the most significant value your company offers you, personally? For most luxury real estate marketing professionals, the answer comes down to POWER, PRESTIGE, or MONEY.

By power we mean that the brand may help you open more doors.  There is power in numbers. So, a brand with a network of thousands of agents may mean more internal referrals for you. Or, if a brand has a significant market share in your area it may help you get more listings, by association.

Prestige comes down to gaining respect just by associating with the brand because it has a favorable perception in the minds of your target market.  Being associated with a European auction house, for example, gives you the benefit of its “halo effect” by association.

Money means a higher commission split or net commission at the end of the day or profit sharing with the company. It may also mean that you are able to win more listings (can close more sales) because of the brand power or the prestige of the company.

Power, prestige and money are very important factors in selecting a company. Which of these factors is most important to you?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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