We constantly hear and read the refrain from many luxury real estate marketing professionals that print is dead and not worth spending the money on.  Not all print is dead in our opinion.  It remains a great marketing tool in many markets, which still enjoy reading the daily paper, or a magazine.  Print can definitely enhance your brand and visibility, and if done well can make a product or individual top of mind in their marketplace.


Yesterday, in Beverly Hills, we noticed that our friend’s Los Angeles Times was delivered tucked in its own envelope.  This was unusual as it usually is delivered at this doorstep with a string around it, for easy tossing.  What was remarkable is that both sides of the envelope are promoting a television show nominated for an Emmy.  Concurrently, we noticed that all the buses on the Westside also had ads for the same shows.  This was a well-thought out campaign.  No doubt both entertainment trade papers, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety had the same ads.

How clever to come up with an envelope, since all award shows have an envelope in which the winner’s name is announced!    Will that name be yours for that coveted listing you were interviewed for?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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