Finding a niche in your luxury real estate practice where you can dominate is a daunting task, especially if your marketplace is crowded with competing agents.  It requires thinking outside the proverbial box. Here is an example of out of the box thinking

If you were to open a bakery/pastry shop in Santa Barbara knowing there were 19 bakeries catering to a population of less than 150,000 people, you would have to come up with a niche within this business category that is uncontested or serves a target market that is under served.

Lilac’s Patisserie a dedicated gluten free bakery and café opened recently to fill this niche market in Santa Barbara.   Since we have several gluten free friends and relatives, we have been open to trying gluten free desserts.  Some were good like Thomas Keller’s (renown chef of The French Laundry) brownie (made from a mix), and some we tossed at first bite. While I was shopping Ron walked out of the store and discovered Lilac’s a few doors up on State Street.  He bought a lemon meringue tart to test.

When Ron rejoined me, the salesperson started raving about Lilac’s telling us she tested her several desserts on here father who is not a gluten-free fan and he has loved every one of them.  Even though she is not a Celiac (not able to digest gluten), she is an ardent fan.  She was right.  Every bite was delicious including the crust.  We are looking forward to trying more of their dessert items, and having lunch there.

Will you take time to find your niche and look outside the box?  You may find the perfect way to dominate your marketplace.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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