The two governing principles in running any successful company are trust and truth.  These principles are applicable to the business of real estate, if market leadership is your quest as luxury real estate marketing professionals. 

When they trust you, you'll get truth. And if you get truth, you get speed. If you get speed, you're going to act. That's how it works.” Jack Welch, (former CEO at GE who during this 20 year tenure increased the company’s value from $14 billion to 500 billion). 

In your listing presentations, be sure that you can pass the “no-spin” test.  Twisted tales about market value, eyewash or any sugar coated facts will most definitely come back to haunt you.

Your relationships with other agents in your marketplace should also follow the same principles if you expect to be in the business for the long run.  Be accessible and insure that your trusted assistant helps to get things done ASAP.

What will be your choice?  Twisted Tales or Trust and Truth?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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