Photo by c  Sbukley

                                         Photo by c Sbukley

We recommend, to luxury real estate marketing professionals, that you update your brand to stay current and relevant. By doing this you will stand out from your competition, and insure your longevity in the business.  Here is an example from the music business as seen on last evening’s Oscar Award show.

The most memorable moment for us at the Oscar’s last night was Lady Gaga singing a medley of songs from the Sound of Music.  We were all expecting a Lady Gaga spectacle instead of the conservatively dressed Lady Gaga hitting every high note beautifully in a tribute to the classic movie, now 50 years old. 

This performance demonstrated her musical abilities rather than relying on weirdness and oddity. At one point spectacle becomes “shtick” and tiresome.  One can only take so much of that before boredom sets in. 

It seems to us that she is reinventing herself (updating her brand) by focusing on her talent and artistry.  She is now accentuating her musicality (instead of shtick and spectacle), as evidenced by her recent album featuring duets with Tony Bennett, which won her Grammy this year.

How you can update your own brand to stay current and relevant?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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