Starring William Powell and Myrna Loy

Over 80 years ago, the first of many Thin Man movies came out introducing two legendary lead characters: Nick and Nora Charles. This couple captured the hearts and minds of America and cinema lovers worldwide. The tremendous popularity of these characters made them a media archetype, as the bantering, romantically involved detective duo.

There have been several incarnations of Nick & Nora in literature, stage, screen, and most recently in the field of luxury brand strategy. The popular TV series in the early 80’s, Hart to Hart, with Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers, was inspired by this fun-loving dynamic couple. Now, Ron and Alexandra Seigel, brand strategists par excellence, have filled the shoes of these famous sleuths.

The process of strategic branding begins with arduous detective work. It is called the “Discovery Process” in which this husband and wife team investigate evidence at the crime scenes of bland and shamelessly ordinary luxury real estate marketing materials and websites. 

The Seigels uncover clues about uncontested and underserved market niches. They also expose complacent market leaders who are sitting on their laurels.  In so doing they solve the mysteries of how to challenge these incumbents with the right strategies that enable their clients to seize the lion’s share of business in their marketplace or a niche therein.

In each sequel the Seigels crack the case that eludes even the best luxury real estate agents in the land. To celebrate their victories, they walk off into the sunset hand-in-hand, on their favorite beach in Santa Barbara, drink a toast to the good life and ready themselves for the next exciting assignment.   CHECK OUT THESE CASE STUDIES!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel- 

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