Some of the best luxury real estate marketing ideas can be the simplest ones. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with a member of the Language of Luxury community, Sally Uhlmann of Platinum Properties, who shared a simple, yet brilliant, zero-cost marketing tip that has helped to make her the market leader in Bozeman, Montana luxury real estate.  Sally was kind enough to let us share this with you.  

When was the last time you refreshed your cell phone voicemail message? Do you have a generic voice message or is it in your own voice? Does your message say the same boring things that almost every real estate agent voicemail message conveys? If so, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to make a great first impression or re-enforce your personal brand in the minds of your current referral base.  

Sally changes her voicemail message every two weeks! She believes that in a 30 second message you have the opportunity to identify your unique style, your distinct brand of doing business in a very personal way.  

Every holiday is an opportunity to spread good will with a fresh message. Sally‚Äôs Valentines message was quite endearing. She advises that you should never get stale or predictable.  Even her long-term friends and family look forward to hearing her latest installment, if they cannot reach her on the spot.

Keep your personal brand fresh in the minds of your target market and referral sources. Refresh your voicemail message regularly.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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