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In the realm of strategic branding, the ultimate coup is creating and defining your own brand category and then becoming the “category killer” (think Kleenex, Scotch Tape, iPod). This is what you want to strive for in marketing luxury real estate: staking your claim on a market niche that is uncontested (virtually no competition) and owning the lion’s share of business in that category, from day one.

The Apple Watch is slated to launch in April.  Countless tech companies have already defined the “wearable” category of computing devices creating a frenzy of cutthroat competition that will inevitably end in price wars. So, how will Apple differentiate this new line of products shark-infested waters and still command healthy margins?

The answer is to create a luxury sub-category within the broader category of wearable devices that is uncontested.  In March, Apple is kicking off their print advertising campaign with a 12-page spread in the Vogue Spring Fashion Blockbuster issue.  They hope to position the Apple Watch as a fashion accessory (vs. a tech device) by associating it with ads and content featuring high-end design houses’ latest offerings. 

Apple wants you to open a new category in your mind called ‘luxury accessory device” [our words] and they want you to think of them first in this category.  This is known as brand positioning and it is exactly what we do as brand strategists for luxury real estate marketing professionals and companies.

Creating a new category creates news. This allows you to leverage traditional and social media to the MAX.  Creating buzz is key to generating the best and least expensive form of advertising: word-of-mouth.  It forces your competition to out-spend you in marketing to try and catch up, which is an exercise in futility.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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