When was the last time you updated your head shot? If you are due for a new one this article series is for you!

Here are some clues that indicate that it is time for a new head shot:

  • The outfit you are wearing could be mistaken for “retro”
  • Your DYI snapshot looks like it was taken in a photo booth
  • You significantly changed your hairstyle, or no longer have as much hair
  • You forgot to smile
  • When you go to a listing appointment and the homeowner does not recognize who is at the door.

We have been coaching our clients for years on the do’s and dont's of head shots as well as updating old ones. We recommend seeking out the most professional portrait photographer in your marketplace.  The head shot is your calling card, which means it is a very important component of your personal branding.

OK, OK, this article was inspired by our need to update our own head shot.  So we decided to have fun with it.  Stay tuned for more!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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