Align Your Passion & Your Brand Story to

Give Yourself the Competitive Edge

What if you could get up each morning totally fired up with passion and eager to dive back into your business of marketing luxury real estate? Align your passion with your brand story and give yourself the competitive edge!

If you are a fan of Shark Tank, you may have seen the episode about Sarah Oliver Handbags.  Creating her hand-knit evening clutches and mini-purses started as “cottage industry” but not in her own home.  After a successful trunk show she was inspired to establish a unique knitting circle, paying a group of residents at The Redlands senior community in Mill Valley California to create the material for the bags. They are now known as the “Purlettes +1” (one guy).

Without any hesitation, Sarah received funding from three of the Sharks who instantly saw the potential for growth based on this awesome “doing well by doing good” brand story.  They saw the potential of a huge market of customers who would want to  “join her brand” by proudly wearing the bags as a vehicle for self-expression of their own values. 

The Sharks also saw this as a “statement” of Shark Tank’s core values: ingenuity and resourcefulness, entrepreneurship at its best!  These bags are made in the USA capitalizing on a previously untapped workforce who not only appreciates the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way, but also derives a sense of enhanced self-esteem because they are being productive.

Find a Purpose. Fuse your passion with your luxury real estate marketing practice and watch your practice to soar!

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Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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