Some independent real estate companies have become virtual companies. We saw this happening when luxury real estate companies leased executive suites rather than a permanent brick and mortar store.  These executive suites have prestigious addresses in Class A high-rise buildings. The service includes conference rooms on as needed basis, and a receptionist to answer and route calls.

A recent report from a London based luxury online retailer of antique luxury watches found its digital business increased remarkably, when they opened a boutique in the Victoria Quarter in Leeds.  In surveying their customers, they found that the physical store increased their credibility factor as well as their bottom line.  As the founder and brand director, Lloyd Armsdon, of Watchfinder said, “It fits the brand, it differentiates me from every body else out there –the eBays and the like.”

Today, the Seattle Times headline stated; Amazon, Bookstore Slayer, Meet Amazon, Bookstore Owner.  Yes, Amazon is opening a bookstore today in Seattle at the former location of Blue C Sushi in the University District.  Amazon’s VP of Amazon books, Jennifer Cast told the paper, “Its data with heart.”  The store will display ratings on all the books stocked in its inventory. 

How important is your luxury real estate brick and mortar location?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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