In marketing luxury real estate, you do not have to be as wealthy as your clients to be very successful.  You just need to be equal to them in self-esteem and not feel puny. Self-esteem a measure of your intrinsic value and it is the immune system of your soul.

Most high net worth consumers are very sure of themselves especially if they are “self-made”.  They are a pleasure to be around when you feel self-assured. But, if you feel insecure and transmit that uncertainty you might just loose the client.

There are those high net worth consumers who are insecure and sometimes try to treat you as inferior. If your self-esteem is high you will be immune to this. When you do not react to them they will usually cease this behavior at least with when they are around you.

When you are fixed in your point of view this is a clue that your self-esteem is low. If you feel like it is more important to be right you are more inclined to tune out other people’s perspective rather than allowing them their right to their difference in opinion.  This does not bode well for you if your goal is to build a healthy luxury real estate practice.  You certainly can kiss goodbye to potential referrals!

When you have high self-esteem you do not have to prove anything, nor do you need to be pretentious.  Other people’s opinions do not diminish your own.  You might say self-esteem helps you to be immune to a disease we lovingly call “the punies”, or feeling small.

Self-esteem is not something you attain and then it is yours forever more.  It is something you need to build and maintain your whole life, like your health.  But, having it sure makes it easier to deal with tough situations. Self-esteem is the immune system of your soul.  It is also like an insurance policy for a successful career as a luxury real estate marketing professional.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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