If your self-esteem is consistently high, as a luxury real estate marketing professional, and you are diligent about accepting only those clients who are a match to you in self-esteem, you will thrive.  To help you keep your self-esteem intact, here is a warning about two major “client traps” to avoid at all costs. 

Client Trap #1:

There are some clients for whom it is more important that you fail in trying to help them, than it is to receive the tremendous benefit of the service that you offer with the best of intentions. They give you ample clues from the outset that they are going to be a pain to deal with like ragging on previous agents or brokers who failed them in the past.  But, you ignore the clues and think you will be the exception, the one who will be able to out-smart their attempts to ensnare you.  

Even after equitably extricating yourself from this type of toxic client relationship you may find that they insist on nattering about you as well. To avoid falling into this trap again you must immediately replenish your self-esteem. By doing so you will no longer be susceptible to such insidious ploys, and you will no longer attract this type of client in the first place.

Client Trap #2: 

A second client trap is working with clients who think they know better than you, while you keep trying to convince them otherwise.  This is the FISBO seller who thinks he or she does not need an agent’s help, or the seller who insists on an unrealistic listing price, or the seller who does not believe that staging the home will make it easier to sell.  This is the buyer who insists on making low ball offers against your warnings that such actions will be futile.

We follow Robert Heinlien’s advice to avoid falling into these client traps: “Never try to teach a pig to sing. It is a waste of your time and it annoys the pig”. 

Maintaining your self-esteem not only feels better than the alternative, but your life depends on it.  Pay attention to the clues.  Stay clear of these types of clients. 

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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