“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity!”
— Seneca-Roman Philosopher

A recent blog post inspired this article, when the writer mentioned luck brought a buyer comes his way through what seemed to be unlikely circumstances. The common notion is that luck is an accidental unplanned event brought by chance rather that through one’s actions.   We are in Seneca’s camp, when we define luck and have realized that luck is a constant in our world.

When we were in commercial real estate, we knew that the more time we were out of the office, the more business we would attract.  Out of the office meant canvassing, introducing ourselves to new property owners, business owners and developers and noting new for sale/for lease signs. 

We discovered was that even if there was no immediate evidence of gaining new business from this extroverted exercise, new business would still come our way upon returning to the office.  We jokingly referred to this exercise as “dowsing” for business.  Another phenomena we noticed is that we were inspired to pursue new ways to develop new business.

In marketing luxury real estate this would mean networking by introducing yourself to homeowners with a defined “door knocking” strategy in mind. The majority of our clients spend the bulk of their time out of the office meeting new people. 

One of our clients is an avid sportsman.  He is a triathlete, golfer, practices yoga, flies small planes, and loves to ride his bike on long treks.  This is how he prospects for sellers and buyers.  His client pool comes from his sporting activities.  He considers himself one of the luckiest real estate brokers. 

How do you create your own luck?  Create more opportunities for serendipity by spending more time out of your office.   Delegate everything you can when it comes to transaction processing. Just get out there!

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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