In order to stand out and be top of mind in your marketplace as a luxury real estate marketing professional, one of the avenues to be memorable is to use humor as part of your brand strategy.  Humor is humanizing, because it is a universal language.

Humor in marketing if done right can catch attention and become unforgettable. When we lived in Los Angeles, we banked at the family owned Santa Monica Bank.  The service was superb, and they occupied the ground floor of the building where we had our offices.

They launched a humorous campaign on 167 buses in a 50 square mile radius in their target market. The one- liners caught everyone’s attention which included the media: The name is “Bond. Savings Bond”,  “Make Money The Old Fashioned Way, Borrow It!” “Girls just want to have Funds!” 240 months later, the bank was sold, and the last message was, “After 20 years on the bus, we reached our stop”

Some of the wineries are also using humor to distinguish themselves from the traditional wine labels with quirky names and eye catching bright graphics.  Michael David is a wonderful example of this.  They still retain the traditional label of Michael David as part of their offerings.  They have added new labels such as Freak Show, Cabernet Sauvignon (90 rating), 7 Deadly Zins (Zinfandels), and Inkblot, Cabernet Franc.

Is Humor Part of Your Brand Marketing Strategy?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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