Word-of-mouth is, by far, your best form of advertising.  But, very few luxury real estate marketing professionals seize the opportunity to spark word-of-mouth advertising (buzz) ON PURPOSE

If you want to accelerate the pace at which you achieve top-of-mind status in your marketplace, or within your niche, the art of deliberately triggering buzz should definitely become part of your skillset.  If you can leverage social media channels such as You Tube or Twitter you could score a grand slam in publicity!

During the Holidays Disney released a trailer for its upcoming feature film, Ant-Man.  The screen size was tiny, so you could not actually view the trailer.  But, it said that the “human” size trailer could be viewed if you watch Agent Carter, the new ABC TV series starting on January 6th.  The clever trailer went “viral” with over 2 millions views on You Tube.  Both Ant-Man and Agent Carter are based on Marvel characters, a company owned by Disney.  Ant-Man premieres in July.

To capitalize on the buzz, Disney released a teaser of the full-length human sized trailer.  Huffington Post for one wrote an article on this and featured the teaser.

How can you leverage buzz to spark word-of-mouth advertising for your luxury real estate marketing practice, on purpose?

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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