You most likely have heard of Tony Robbins, best selling author and "life strategy coach".  He has been around for decades, now.  But, what makes this one-man brand one of our nominees for personal brand of the year is the fact that he has done a brilliant job of re-inventing himself.  

That is an astonishing accomplishment and an imperative for luxury real estate marketing professionals who aim for longevity in this business.Reading Tony's new book, Money: Master the Game, maybe one of the most important investments of your time that you can make.  It was for us.

Like a modern Paul Revere, Tony the "town crier", exposes the fact that over 98% of all mutual funds in the US are not only under-performing non-managed and less volatile indexed funds, but all that Americans are getting gouged by unnecessary management fees.  This is quite shocking especially for baby boomers heading into retirement years with a longer life expectancy.

Tony also interviews some of the most successful money minds in the world, and has them reveal the strategies that they offer to their ultra-high net worth clients, and shows us all how to replicate these fundamental wealth building strategies to gain TOTAL FINANCIAL FREEDOM in an accelerate way.

Tony's commitment to empowering people to become financially independent is palpable as well as his commitment to end hunger in America. All profits from the book are donated to this cause.  He also exemplifies the fact that it is possible to thrive while paying it forward.  That is why he is one of our nominees for 2015 personal brand of the year.

Written by Ron & Alexandra Seigel-

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